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Advisory & Consultancy

VIDVAAN provides advising and consulting services in organizational performance, sales & marketing management, banking, leasing, manufacturing & process control, cost control & budgeting, supply chain management and human resource development etc. according to the needs and wants of the organization.

Training & Development

Train and develop the members of an organization is essestial to reach goalds sucssfully. But it is very important to ensure that the impact of improving skills and knowledge reflectrs within the organization and Return on Investment is positive. VIDVAAN, with the relavent members involved within an organization, supports them to correctly identify the areas of improvement required. It could be a small adjustment in the organizational structure or a major transformation, vidvaal will work till the objectives are achieved.

VIDVAAcollobrates with many local and foreign institutions to provide internationally accpted certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate lelvel to assist and support career development programs planned by organizations and individuals.

Outbound Activities

Most of the team members of an organization may not have the opportunity to get into a team culture and hence teams’ performance may not be effective and efficient. The task of VIDVAAN’s offering outobund activities  is to bind the team members to work together, devekop confidence amoung the members and make the “passengers” understand the gravity of their contributions to the teams’ success.

Moveing away form an office or factory culture, participants are given the challenge of fulfilling individaul commitments to the team in an environment simulating different situations which need varous strategic approches in winning as a team.

VIDVAANassociates with expericenced service providers of outbound activities offering a wide range of activities in rough but safe environment

Market Research & Industrial Studies

Many global companies have failed in launching products sucessfully in international and their local markets due to unfocused market reserch activities. VIDVAAis equipped with necessary talents to carry out comprehensive market, competitive and industry analysis to help them to take risk free decisions. Further Vidvaan will work with the organization in developing markets, distribution networks and improve sales performance

Continuous Monitoring & Evaluation

Employee satisfaction leads them to work with a sense of responsibliity for any elployee level. Identify the factors at each level and address the issue generally and or individually  is therefore a very important task. VIDVAAundertakes such challenges with contineous monitoring and evaluating to ensure that the team / employees will give their best inputs for the betterment of the organization.

Coaching & Mentoring

If an employee found to be guided, coached or mentor, Vidvaan can take the responsibility to attend the individual requirements of the employee and direct them to the required path. One of the most important advantages of such program within the organization is the capability to develop the next generation of leadership of the organization and remove the un-efectiveness of an employee