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Champal De Costa

MBA (Sri J), BSc Eng (Hons),CEng, MIE(SL)

  • Champal, former Vice President of DFCC Bank, counts over 30 years of collective experience in his multi-disciplinary career in both Government & Private sector organizations. Before coming into Banking & Finance field, he has worked as an instructor at University of Moratuwa and subsequently joined the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau, under the ministry of Mahaweli Development, as a Civil Engineer. He has also worked as a Shift Engineer attached to a Japanese-Swiss Joint Venture firm which provided services to a large Hydro Power Project in Sri Lanka. With the knowledge & experience gained in Construction & Project Management assignments he joined the premier development bank of Sri Lanka, the DFCC Bank, in 1993. There, he was involved in Marketing of Financial Services, Evaluation of Project Proposals, Branch Operations, Rehabilitation of Non Performing projects and General Administration. He gained experience for many years in Coaching & Mentoring of employees at various levels in the institution’s hierarchy.


  • He was graduated from the University of Moratuwa with an honors degree in Civil Engineering (BSc Engineering) and has earned a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA), from the Postgraduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura (PIM). He is a Chartered Engineer & a life member of the Association of Professional Bankers, Sri Lanka. During his corporate career he participated in many local and International seminars, trainings, conferences and business promotional events. He was a member of the team of promotional delegates went to India with BOI officials after the two countries signed the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement in the year 2000. He has functioned as one of the three members in the sub-committee of Leasing Association of Sri Lanka for standardization of valuation reports and registration of valuers. He was also a past president of Alumni of PIM.


  • For the past 15-year period, he has been functioning as a lecturer / facilitator / resource person on part-time basis in numerous training programs & workshops conducted by the DFCC Bank, Centre for Banking Studies of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Asian Centre for Lease Education & the PIM.


  • Having completed a successful executive career over 30 years, he has decided to impart the valuable knowledge & skills he had gained, to executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, management trainees & students engaged in corporate employment, self-employment, business & educational endeavors. Accordingly he has become a co-founder of VIDVAAN CONSULTANTS. His main objective is to train & coach people to unleash their hidden potential to work efficiently, effectively and happily.


Champal’s contact details;

E-mail :champal@vidvaanconsultants.com

Mobile: +94 772916738