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About Vidvaan

Mr Linton Fernando founded DiLiGeNT Solutions in 2012 as training and consulting organisation with a professional team who are well established and experienced in the industry and academia. DiLiGeNT Solutions conducted many organizational development programs with private and public sector companies and was specialized in small business development area. Under the guidance DiLiGeNT Solutions  more than thirty micro and small businesses have blossomed and now enjoying the fruits. To cater the expanding customer base DiLiGeNT Solutions with two senior members of the  DiLiGeNT  team  took the liberty to form a new consortium using the synergy of joining different fields together.

VIDVAAis an effort of three professionals with diverse industry and functional exposure who enriched their general business management skills through Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayewardenepura, wanting to make a cohesive approach to the organizational management process through Training, Development and Business Advisory programs leading towards a significant impact on the outputs produced by next generation leaders

VIDVAAprovides a wide range of services to increase the values of individuals, organizations and products. Working with a team of highly experienced well-acceptedprofessionals, Vidvaan’s co-partners offer unique solutions for any organization to be successful in achieving objectives.

VIDVAAN undertakes assignments to identify issues, provide cost effective practical ideas, implementing the suggestions, monitoring execution and evaluating for a guaranteed positive Return of Investment(ROI) in training.

VIDVAAis flexible to adapt and work with any culture or level and ready act as a change agent for the potential customers

VIDVAAoffers a free assessment report for the organizations who seek its services to ensure that the correct need of the organizational success is identified




To be the visible enlightener of organizational management in the next generation.


  • Impactful execution of basic principles in organizational Management viainfluential and continuous training and development programs
  • Offering value added and cost-effective services
  • Seeking opportunities to work for our communities
  • Creating sustainable path for our alliance partners to grow


  • Be diverse
  • Build the trust of the clients
  • Provide practically implementable solutions