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Are you the head of HR in your organization?

In today’s context it is unanimously accepted that the Human Resource is the most valuable in any organization. Within that concept, your role as the head of HR is vital. Starting from developing the HR strategy, recruitment of right people with right attitudes, developing their cross functional capabilities, ensuring adherence to performance standards, training them to meet KPIs & formulating a strong succession plan can be listed as some of your challenges. However, in today’s highly result-oriented & divisonalized organizational surroundings, the heads of HR are confronted with totally new challenges, beyond the traditional functions of HR management such as creating recruitment pools, talent identification & career development, individual-level post-training evaluation for action, personalized coaching for performance enhancement. VIDVAAN is equipped with a competent set of in-house as well as associated trainers, coaches and mentors to assist you in this task in a stress-free way by offering customized training modules, workshops, outbound programs & one-to-one coaching sessions.

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