“Management for Future”

A Certificate Program For Future Managers Management for future – Download Document[...]

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2020 – Development Programs


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Business & Development: Why Sri Lanka still cannot match Singapore Why & what to match? Is ‘democracy’ mean making decisions by the majority, If the majority is not intelligent?

Vidvaan Consultants explore the facts of emerging leadership and digitalization Vidvaan Consultants, an organization established for changing brains for better performance, in association with Excelle[...]

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VIDVAAN Consultants – open the door to your future

Vidvaan Consultants Co-partners Ajith Perera, Linton Fernando and Champal De Costa briefing the audience at the inauguration.    VIDVAAN is an effort of three professionals with diverse industry[...]

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Do you want to become a world-class personality in any field?

World-class people are not confined to a particular field of activity or a geographic territory. They may come from a wider cross section in the society representing businessmen, academics, sportsmen,[...]

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Are you the owner of your organization?

It is noted that, among the five strategic spaces in any organization, namely ‘business initiation strategies’, ‘business growth strategies’, ‘business stability strategies’, ‘business s[...]

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Are you the head of HR in your organization?

In today’s context it is unanimously accepted that the Human Resource is the most valuable in any organization. Within that concept, your role as the head of HR is vital. Starting from developing th[...]

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Are you a busy executive who wants your subordinates to increase productivity?

Founders of VIDVAAN have already conquered this passage of corporate life when they performed at similar positions in their career. As a busy executive in middle-manager level, your task is to align y[...]

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Are you a “Newcomer” to your job?

For any newcomer to a job, the “unknown” is greater than the “known”. You are not an exception to that phenomenon. You should know the new rules of the game. Though you steps in with a set of [...]

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VIDVAAN is an effort of three professionals with diverse industry and functional exposure who enriched their general business management skills through Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayewardenepura, wanting to make a cohesive approach to the organizational management process through Training, Development and Business Advisory programs leading towards a significant impact on the outputs produced by next generation leaders

Our Expertise


Advisory & Consultancy .
Organizational Performance Enhancement .
Sales & Marketing Management.
Business Operational Finance.
Total Quality Management & Certification.
Human Resource Development.
Supply Chain Management.
Supply Chain Management.
Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing Management .
Business Process Reengineering .